The STIG Revealed...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011 19:55


Former Kilkenny Inter County Hurler Andy Comerford swappedThe STIG at the Expo 2 his Kilkenny Jersey for a rally suit. The STIG at the Expo 1Andy is pictured here during the Expo as he mingled with the crowd.

The clues again were:

Clue No. 1: He is English and Drives a German Car

Clue No. 2: He won a Major Championship in 2002

Clue No. 3: This Marble City Man plays Soccer with the Freebooters

Clue No. 4: As a pastime, this man catches your fish for his chips

Clue No. 5: His Brother hit the headlines last week

Clue No: 6:  ANAGRAM : Day for cord men.

Kilkenny's Terence Cleere was the first name out of the hat and is the luck winner of a €400 Holiday Voucher courtesy of Manning Travel, High St, Kilkenny City.