Wm. Loughman Forestry 2017

Monday, 13 February 2017 12:15


wm.loughman2017The Wm. Loughman Forestry in 2017 saw the two Moffet brothers competing for the top position. It was inevitable that these two would be capable of offering up an action packed day but, early on, it was Josh who set the pace and Sam who fought diligently throughout the day to tray regain 0.6 seconds on his brother who ultimately took the overall title in the Fiesta R-5. The Irish Tarmac Champion Keith Cronin tried his best but in the end, he had to settle for third overall. With this being the first round of the Suirway Group South East Stages and the Valvoline Irish Forestry Championship, it gave us an insight as to what we might expect for the rest of the 2017 year. 
Final Results 2017
South East Stages-Driver Results
South East Stages-Navigator Results